Emkon Global has served numerous small and medium enterprises since its inception in January 2018.

We specialize in consulting services in the domain of business processes, sales, marketing, accounts, finance, audits, taxation, compliance, content, fundraising and anything that can possibly hamper the growth of a startup.

Emkon Global is a team of well experienced and knowledgeable CAs and MBA who bring in diverse backgrounds and contribute amazingly well towards a smooth and transforming client experience.

Prasanna Mainkar is the Founder of Emkon Global. He is a Chartered Accountant having a work experience of over 8 years in the field of internal & statutory audits, taxation and management consulting.

After having worked with over 30 clients who were SMEs, Startups and sole Proprietors, Prasanna realised that there is a certain pattern and commonality to why a lot of businesses especially startups and the family-owned ones hit growth stagnancy and find it incredibly difficult to scale up with no guidance. Thus, to solve this problem Emkon Global was born!